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Design customer documents as you wish

You wish to transfer SAP data to Microsoft documents in a structured form to be able to perform final adjustments with Word or use the flexible and easy layout options? You don’t want to commission SAP Script or SAP Smartforms customizations with every form change? Using the product “Doc-to-Customer” developed by t.e.a.m., this requirement can be efficiently and economically fulfilled.

How does it work?

Doc-to-Customer – Connecting Software

Doc-to-Customer is installed as an add-in to the Microsoft application and combines Microsoft Word’s and Excel’s flexibility, usability and modernity with data collections especially of the software SAP.

By using Doc-to-Customer you are enabled to collect data from different sources such as SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA Cloud in one single Microsoft Word or Excel document in a fast and visually appealing way.

Data derived from the database is analyzed by Doc-to-Customer and transferred to the structure of a simple template.

Doc-to-Customer also supports the creation of templates by using the template designer.

Thus, you can simply and flexibly create and change professional customer documents such as quotations, invoices, price lists and HR documents, at any time.