LSG Sky Chefs

For many years, t.e.a.m. has been supporting LSG Sky Chefs in the field of process optimization based on SAP solutions.

Two examples of successfully completed projects are shown below.

1. Finance for All (FIFA).

Creation and rollout of a global template to support processes in finance (SAP ERP FI), controlling (SAP ERP CO), materials management (SAP ERP MM) and sales (SAP ERP SD):

Initially and in collaboration with all business process owners a business blueprint was created as a basis for the global template. The processes and structures were then implemented in SAP. In doing so, the scenario “Centralized Accounting – Decentralized Logistics” was put into practice to take the problem of different time zones into account.

Within the context of the global rollout, the legal and local requirements were identified by a fit/gap analysis and integrated into the template.

In addition to the technical platform, the necessary basic conditions for a stable and sustainable optimization of the solution were created. This includes the implementation of global decision-making processes and communication forums as well as the provision of relevant documents and tools (training materials, process descriptions, migration tools etc.).

2. Catering Core System (CCS).

Conception, implementation and rollout of a system to support the core business processes of product development, sales and billing (SAP ERP PP and SD) as well as evaluation (SAP Business Warehouse):

Based on SAP ERP PP and SD, a comprehensive solution for product development (bills of material), costing, sales (quotations) and billing (contract and invoice) was developed. The master data is transmitted to the shop-floor system via ALE interfaces. In addition to the functionality of SAP standard software, customer-specific solutions for an efficient master data management (“BOM Manager”) and a flexible creation of quotations based on SAP ERP SD documents were implemented.

The solution is fully integrated in the existing SAP system landscape (SAP ERP FI, CO and MM).



„In Germany, we were facing the ambitious challenge to replace a 25-year-old HOST application with SAP, while simultaneously developing a new internationally compatible solution for our core processes in the Airline Catering field. t.e.a.m. proved to be a very innovative and reliable implementation partner. We were particularly impressed by the uncomplicated cooperation during all phases of the project”

Martin Broghammer (Project Manager, Catering Core Project, LSG Sky Chefs)

The company.

The world’s largest airline caterer and provider of integrated inflight service solutions in the fields of

  • airline catering,
  • inflight equipment and logistics,
  • inflight management
  • and airport services.

The group comprises

  • 130 companies and
  • more than 200 businesses
  • in 50 countries.

In 2010, LSG produced

  • 460 million in-flight meals
  • for more than 300 airlines.